The most important point in a business is not on the balance sheet: They are their men.

If you are motivated by a job well done, if you are rigorous, if you want to progress, then we need you.

We will give you the means to reach your goals, and to develop yourself at work.

By the quality of your performance, you will participate in the success of the business.

Together we will succeed in the long term.

Equality index
professional M / F

Year Index
2019 42

Escomatic – Microturning

Escomatic, CNC, traditional Escomatic machine. Microturning. CNC multispindle turning machines. Mass finishing, polishing, deburring, tumbling machines. Automatic contril mechanical and vision sorting machines. Metrology, profile and roughness machines, roundform geometry machine. CNC vision measuring machines. Business area : Automotive, watch industry, medical, connectic, industry, sports & Leisure activities.