–  Former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows has urged the Supreme Court to address the issue of former President Donald Trump aiming to keep secret records from his presidency regarding efforts to overturn the 2020 election and the January 6 uprising – as he, like Trump, tries to steer clear of a House elected committee investigation into attack on the US Capitol.

In a brief filed Friday, Meadows, who faces potential criminal contempt charges for failing to comply with the committee’s Jan. 6 subpoena, argued that the Supreme Court should allow the former president to have a say in executive branch secrecy and that the high court should block what he claims. as an ever-evolving approach to congressional inquiry.

In his lawsuit, Trump claims executive privilege should allow him to block an elected committee from obtaining documents from the National Archives, his administration’s White House record keeper. President Joe Biden has deviated from Trump’s claims and has decided that the Archives must submit documents.

“What sets this issue apart is the indisputable fact that, under the Presidential Records Act, President Biden has no authority to disclose President Trump’s own records, just as under the Constitution, Congress has no power to compel the processing of privileged material. said amicus brief Meadows, from his legal team at law firm McGuireWoods. “Unless the Court steps to say otherwise, the President’s advisers will continue to think that it only takes a change of party within the Presidency and a sympathetic Chair of the Committee in Congress to compel disclosure of their recommendations and other communications of the President.”

“Unless this Court intervenes, the Elected Committee’s investigation could represent the largest expansion of Congress’ powers to investigate and target citizens since the days of the House Un-American Activities Committee,” wrote the team defending Meadows, a former Republican. from Congress. The federal appeals court in DC that ruled against Trump in December signed off on the legitimacy of the House investigation. Meadows also told the Supreme Court that he believes the Trump issue should go to trial because it has implications for some of the witnesses who have been summoned by House committees for documents.

Controversial Donald Trump

Meadows and more than a dozen others have sued separately to challenge the committee, and the cases are in the early stages before the trial judge. Meadows noted in his case that unless he answered any questions the committee put to him or turned in all the documents his members wanted, he could reveal the info Trump is trying to keep secret.

“Thus, former officials are left to navigate the conflicting instructions of the incumbent President and the former Presidents they served. If they follow President Biden’s advice and provide additional privileged testimony to Congress, they are efficiently debating President Trump’s assertion of Executive Privileges—and also this is a court opportunity to clarify the former President’s waiver of privileges,” wrote Meadows’ attorneys. following President Trump’s advice and resisting subpoenas without first tracing legal recourse (as [Meadows] did), they face the prospect of prosecution.”

The House has asked the Justice Department to sue Meadows for insulting Congress for failing to testify, but he has not been charged. The House also wants the Supreme Court to see Trump’s wishes on this issue together quickly. The committee is working towards the object of releasing a fitting report along with its preliminary findings by the summer. Keeping the executive privilege question in court, Trump has so far delayed the release of documents and cold witnesses responding to House subpoenas since the fall.

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